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Nov 28, 2007

Stealin' Code: It's All Good!

Posted by: james-b

By James Brown

So, you've decided you want to pimp out your space and be uber cool like all your dim-witted friends? Fantastic, let's get one thing straight right now my little clue bags, anything on the Internet is in the public domain and in my opinion belongs to everyone. What's that you say? Copyright infringement? I don't have the time to get off into the uncharted bizarro world that is Internet copyright law. What I know is this: if something is cool, it's cool and we must have it. That said, let's take a look at one of my friends who recently spent a couple of weeks splitting hairs about the ethical issues surrounding "borrowing" code from other's spaces.

My friend: Hi, I want to put the "Leave Britney Alone!" guy on my MySpace page. In fact, I want to do a whole theme surrounding myself with Britney Spears and her cult like following. Can you help me?

Me: Psychologically speaking, I seriously doubt that anyone can help you. Seriously, are you even listening to what you're saying, or do you just have a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth? However, if you're bent and determined to pimp this poor, mentally ill, product of media overload on your space, who am I to say no? Take your crack over there to the page you like, whether it's Britney's or Chris Crocker's (The "Leave Britney Alone!" Guy) and do this: click on "view" in the upper left hand corner of your web browser, then click on "source." Voila, that's the code to the entire page. You can reproduce it perfectly that way.

My friend: Well, I don't want an exact duplicate of the page, I just want to maybe get a few pictures and steal the general design.

Me: O.K. nut-job, I'm not Dr. MySpace Code! I answer the freakin' mail bag from time to time and try to make sense of your generation. When I was a kid it was all Rubik's Cubes, Atari, and Trapper Keepers. The thing for you to do is to talk to one of our true geniuses in the forums.

But the real point is – for the love of Holy Mother Britney - nobody cares if you "borrow" something from their page. The world doesn't revolve around you and will not stop turning if you rip off some code. Chances are nobody will even want to add your ridiculous crack; then again, they're probably just as obsessed with Britney as you are... so, I guess your chances are pretty good. That said, rip off the code, have one of your geeked-out friends splice it with other code to create a unique page with the best elements of other pages. That's what we're here for, after all, in our little second-life hell at the website headquarters. Hit it up on the forums and I'll send one of my true geniuses to assist you in your quest for the perfect mix of Britney and her Schizophrenic Cult. Oooooh Weeeee, T-Shane, can I get a what? what?

O.k. people, I did what you said, I wrote one of the freaks out there back. Can I have the cot that's folded up in the corner to sleep on now instead of this cold floor? Just look at me now, homeless shelter! I'm on my way to being a productive citizen again! I've got a job and a cot to sleep on, not to mention the left over tuna fish sandwich from the break room! Things are getting better all the time!



Custodian and Public Relations Nightmare

P.S.: Tune in next time when we'll be discussing that crazy white chick from "The View" and her sick, sick, fan who wants to put Newt Gingrich all over his space.

P.S.S.: You've been pimped, now get out of my sight before I vomit.

Disclaimer: This website can NOT be held liable for the views of this contributor. We strongly support the first amendment and believe that everyone, even Schizo-James, has the right to express himself.

Nov 26, 2007

MySpace: The Mecca for Celebrity Gossip

Posted by: aja_blogger

By Aja Fern

Once upon a time, before MySpace became the living, breathing creation that it is, celebrity gossip was limited to shady sources like The National Enquirer, Star magazine, and Us Weekly. Although the gossip was juicy and entertaining, how was one to know whether or not the things written really happened?

Enter MySpace. As the site grew over the years, not only did it become one of the nation’s largest networking sites, but it also became one of the nation’s largest celebrity promotional sites as well. Before we knew it, major motion pictures were canning official Web sites and making their own MySpace pages instead. Music groups ranging from local garage bands to famous rock stars were promoting their music to thousands of fans. Celebrities themselves were making a home for themselves on MySpace, allowing people to personally contact them in ways they would never have been able to five years ago. What better source than the actual source?!

Not only can people get gossip hot off the press at MySpace, but now they can get the celebrity gossip straight from the sources themselves. A number on celebrities are regularly active on their MySpace pages, whether it be writing to fans or going as far as writing personal blogs about their lives. Two of the most popular MySpace bloggers are Adrienne Curry (America’s Next Top Model and My Fair Brady) and Shanna Moakler (Meet the Barkers). Both realty TV babes write blogs about their personal lives for their fans to read. In fact, both blogs have also conjured up some controversial topics! Curry has been known to speak her mind (and from her dirty mouth) regarding touchy subjects, as well as writing openly about her marriage to actor Christopher Knight. Moakler has also raised a few eyebrows with her blog. In the summer of 2006, Moakler used it as a tool to feud with her then ex-husband Travis Barker. Both celebrities had posted their ruthless opinions of each other for the world to read. A few months later, Moakler was involved in another MySpace incident when actress Lindsay Lohan’s supposed MySpace was hacked. Messages between the two were posted online for public viewing and featured a heated argument regarding Lohan’s partying ways. The messages were quite explicit, so let’s just say that nobody is immune to a little high school drama! It just goes to show that even celebrities tune into gossip, and MySpace is an excellent source of getting it AND spreading it.

When MySpace decided to add a video function to the site, internet communication via MySpace reached a whole new level. Now MySpace users were able to upload all sorts of videos, whether it be music videos, movie trailers, news clips, or personal video blogs (also known as “vlogs”). Average people now had the opportunity to become celebrities themselves. Take newly famed Chris Crocker for example. You may know him as the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy. Although Crocker had several videos before his infamous Britney video, he became an overnight success appearing on television and shows like The Maury Povich Show. Since then Crocker has spawned gossip all over MySpace and the web. He has over 200,000 MySpace friends and over 3 million plays on his MySpace video page. A few years ago the term “celebrity” was reserved for people who worked in show business and lived in Hollywood, but now thanks to the internet and MySpace, everyone has a chance to be known by hundreds of thousands of people.

The National Enquirer and Star magazine may be great sources of entertainment, but if you want real celebrity gossip, MySpace is your answer. And why wouldn’t it be? Everybody has one.

Nov 22, 2007

Advice for Girls Who Troll for Dirt

Posted by: ms.vainglorious

Ms. Vainglorious’ MySpace School for Proper Young Ladies: Part I

You want to look, but maybe you shouldn’t. You tell yourself that your little MySpace obsession is just a way to keep in touch with old friends. Yeah, right. And I’m a leprechaun with twelve toes who speaks Pig Latin and poops out quarters like a vending machine. C’mon, people. MySpace is a fishbowl; it’s a peep show and a train wreck.

Each night, it’s the same routine. You sit down with your laptop in the comfort of your own home, and begin the ritual of gaping in horror and amusement at what you just “happen” to stumble upon. And as always, this little game starts innocently enough. You’re just cruising around, checking out your friends’ profiles, and their friends’ profiles, and the friends of your friends’ friends’ profiles. And so on. And this goes on for a long while without incident. But invariably, at some point in the evening, you find yourself on your ex-boyfriend’s MySpace page. Hello old friend. And, on queue, you flutter your sweet doe eyes and wonder just how in the world you ended up here… when all of a sudden you just “happen” to notice that some blonde girly—let’s call her “Tiffany” for the sake of practicality— has been leaving flirty comments for this boyfriend-cum-jack-ass.

So, of course you’re forced to click on Tiffany’s profile and check out her comments, her photos, her friends, her layout, her age, her quotes, her music interests, etc. You can’t help but wonder why “Tiff” insists on wearing a bathing suit that’s two-sizes too small for her in each and every photograph. Is she blind? Does she have a brain tumor? Does Tiffany need a dollar for another foot of fabric? Because you could take up a collection. You wonder what exactly is wrong with this poor charity case.

Well, it’s time to stop and take a breath. You’ve just entered the danger zone, and let me tell you my dear, it’s a slippery slope. What once was a simple indulgence, is now an activity bordering on masochism—and what once was casual “browsing,” technically, is now “stalking.” You think you want to know what’s going on—and by golly, it’s your right, as a full-fledged MySpace card-carrying member, to know the whole scoop— but if you want to avoid ending a perfectly good evening in a lather of self-loathing and shame, I suggest you take notes. I’ve put together a few tips (for those of you adorable nut-jobbers who simply can’t be stopped) to keep you from losing your minds:

1. Give yourself a time limit and take frequent breaks. An egg timer works great for this—decide how much time you really want to devote to your stalking and stick to it! Priorities, ladies! Priorities! And make sure you take time out for YOU: eat a carrot stick or a cupcake—or five. Whatever it takes.
2. Whatever you do, do not leave spiteful comments on your ex’s MySpace page. This just makes you look sad and desperate—and even though you may truly be sad and desperate, you certainly don’t want your ex to know about it. Dignity, ladies! Get it. Use it.
3. Do not, by any means, leave a comment on the “other girl’s” page. This could lead to suspicions, allegations, chick fights, a hostile blog fest, and possibly, police inquiries (I’m not speaking from personal experience by the way…just pure conjecture!)
4. Take the high road. When you think about it, we’re all in this together—the last thing we need is get into petty and divisive cat fights with one another. I mean, really, why should we be fighting over some stupid guy? If this line of thinking makes absolutely no sense to you right now, just take the low road—what the heck.

Nov 15, 2007

Quick Tips to Promoting Your Band on MySpace

Posted by: justin-fair

By Justin August

In this post Gen X civilization we live in, MySpace is rapidly becoming the most efficient way to promote your Band, yourself or your product, whatever that may be. So today we focus on the life of a new struggling band. With the millions of connected users on MySpace, the possibilities are definitely endless. But how do you find those who will become your fans, what will attract them to your page and get them to listen to your music? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

1) How do you find a Fan? Well, it as easy as figuring out what you are looking for in a fan? What age range are your targeting, what geographic location? Male or female? All of these can be searched for individually or as combined searches in the Myspace search engine.
2) What to say? When contacting your fans, you want to be wary of seeming as though you’re a computer generated spam. Make sure you can deliver a message that has some sort of personality to it, yet try not to be too lengthy. A quick, “hey, hello, this is who we are; you seem like someone that might enjoy us. Give us a listen and add us if you please.” Something to that extent will seem welcoming yet still put the choice in the soon to be listeners hand.
3) What should be on my page? Keep your page active, yet not so busy it takes forever to load. Listeners’ attention span is short when listening for the first time. Use a slide show, which can be created in your “edit/upload pictures” feature on your home page, with 6-10 pictures in it, showing your band at practice or a show, goofing off and of course if you have a pet mascot, a picture of whatever that is as well. You can also select the “manage my calendar” function on your homepage and update your events. Even if it’s a house party you’re playing or your rehearsal times, fans’ enjoy knowing as much about you as they can. This multitude of information helps keep interest and can be and should be updated and changed often in order to give your fans something to comeback for. Myspace also offers Musician Pages the chance to sell their music on their page. This feature is under the music upload section off your home page. Even if you only have 5 songs, use this feature! It may be dollars and cents at first, but with proper promotion and time, you will have a solid record of your sales from this one area and this can be used later when approaching an investor or a bank for a loan to produce your first full length album.
While this is merely a start in your career of self promotion, these 3 main tips will spill over into all of your attempts to market your band or whatever you may be promoting thru MySpace. Follow a strict regiment of contacting new listeners from all regions. Isolating large groups at a time and keeping your current listeners entertained with blogs, bulletins and new pics and of course music.

Nov 12, 2007

Twelve Ways to Go Green on MySpace

Posted by: marg_blogger

By Marguerite

You’ve already got yourself a page on MySpace. And all your friends are going green on you. How can you out green them, and become the ultimate MySpace greenie? Here are twelve easy ways to go green on MySpace:

1. Get a MySpace name that screams green. You may have to let go of your old identity, or just be two people for a while.
2. Create an overall green feel on your home page using MySpace Profile Editor. They’ve a got a few green themes to get you started
3. Write a green blurb about yourself. Talk about what you believe in, your green accomplishments, or your dreams. Rant if you like about all the morons who are destroying our environment.
4. Make sure to only mention green stuff in all your favorite music, quotes, photos, movies, TV Shows, heroes, books, interests.
5. Upload at least one new green video a week. YouTube, Treehugger, and Do the Green Thing are good places to start.
6. Only invite your green friends, the ones that got you started in the first place. As you know green people tend to hang out together, so also make sure to invite your friends’ friends as well.
7. Write green comments on your wall, and ask your green friends to respond. You can start by asking for some advice. People love to give advice.
8. Start a green blog, and make sure to post daily. Subscribe to all your green friends’ blogs, and make comments.
9. Join all the green groups on MySpace. Look for groups with the keywords green, environment, or global warming. Even better, start your own group.
10. Start your own green thread in MySpace Forums. There is not that much competition in the green department. You will shine.
11. Look up the old pros, and draw inspiration from their pages. Be Green and Ideal Bite, are the two that come to mind. Become their friend, and steal their friends’ list.
12. Last but not least, be sure to checkout Pimpmyspace for all their cool tips, tricks, and forums on how to pimp out your page just the way you want. Green that is.

I am in the process of creating a new green site on MySpace. In the next few weeks, I will be sharing my experiences with you and will start sending out invitations to the site. In the mean time, please feel free to drop me a note.


La Marguerite

Nov 11, 2007

Don’t Be a Poser—Be the True YOU on MySpace

Posted by: bru-bru

By Bruna

MySpace is not just a website. It’s a key to expression. So express yourself! You don’t have to worry about being judged by anybody—there’s always a deny or delete button for those unsavory comments and friend requests. And while yes—it’s a site to check out eye candy and friends-gone-bad, this in-the-closet addiction is a two-way street. Just as much as you check other people’s pages, people are checking yours. So why not give them something to look at? Pimp your page! Add a little bit of you here and there, whether that means photos of your celebrity lover that you know would instantly connect with you if they ever got the chance to meet you or bold statements that show the raw-and-uncut-you. Make your MySpace a place where you don’t have to feel restricted to society’s standards. Be loud! Be Confident! But most importantly, be YOU!