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Dec 17, 2007

Posted by: james-b

By James Brown

Lately, while looking through MySpace, I've begun to notice a lot of re-mix music spaces. Are you a broke-assed music savant who wants to get in on the game? Well, we've done a little digging and come up with everything you need to know to rip off everything and everyone you know. It's called "audacity." It's a freeware: a user-friendly music program that will allow you to make mashups. To find this little gem, all you will need to do is search for this phrase: "audacity music mix." Go ahead, show us what you've got out there in the way of mashups.

Yes, you too can combine your favorite songs to make a mashup. You can post them to MySpace and run the risk of getting a cease and desist letter from Capitol/EMI. For more on that, search for "the Beachles," and read about the pit falls of ripping off copyrighted music. Still, it's a very cool thing to do when it turns out well. Here are some mashup masterminds worth listening to on the Web:

DJ Roy Batty: A mash up of Information Society and White Zombie. "More Info than Info.”

DJ Danger Mouse: The Grey Album: The Beatles White Album mashed with Jay Z's The Black Album. He was tracked down by Capitol EMI and is rumored to now be employed by, who else, Jay Z. (We're still trying to confirm this net rumor.)

Clayton Counts: The Beachles, The Beach Boys Pet Sounds mashed with The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Clayton Counts went through a long legal battle with Capitol/EMI over the whole thing. Lately, he has released Part II of "The Beachles" and has donated 100% of the money raised to cancer research. Clayton Counts can be found on MySpace working under the title Coloring Book.

Yes, my little MySpace minions of DJ's to is the time to launch the record company assault volume II. Down with Capitol EMI! Radiohead's latest album is on-line for free, or whatever you want to pay, and is their first release independent of any label. I haven't heard it yet, but it is getting rave reviews.

It has been my experience in talking with many of the self-produced artists that they are using a program called Acid 5.0 to mix their music. I was even offered a boot leg, but declined. Audacity is a very good beginner's mixing program. Acid 5.0, I have been told, is for the more advanced user.

Now, I'd like to offer you some of the best of the MySpace Music Pages. The following people are self-produced who know what they’re doing.

#1. A Staircase Transfer: I Want to Talk to Strangers. These guys are from the Netherlands I think? Anyway, they are uber cool, the music is experimental, and the writing is impossible to believe. You could never, in a million years, guess that two guys in their twenties produced such a fantastic NEW sound. It really is the most beautiful NEW music on MySpace.

#2. Goddamn Electric Bill: You've got to see the video to "Lost In the Zoo." This is ART!

#3. PinkSide of the Moon: Pink is from California, they have a great new sound, and are very friendly. You'll be glad you checked them out!

Alas, it has been "a long December, and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last." I'm off to cash in my aluminum can collection. I'll see you next year when all this shit has blown over.

-Schizo James

Read more of James’ interview with Clayton Counts at his blog: