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Jan 2, 2008

Posted by: aja_blogger

By Aja Fern

As the ads for Johnny Depp’s new film “Sweeny Todd” fade away, ads for a new movie called “Untraceable” have been popping up all over MySpace. In this movie, an FBI agent specializing in cyber crimes stumbles upon a Web site called (And, yes, a site by this title exists on the Web, spawned, no doubt, by the cyber-savvy Hollywood PR machine.) In “Untraceable,” the killer posts live videos of his victims on the Internet. The more people who log on to see the video feed, the faster the victim dies. Sounds gruesome, doesn’t it? FBI agent Jennifer Marsh, played by Diane Lane, is tasked with hunting down a seemingly untraceable serial killer. As time runs out, the cat and mouse chase becomes more personal.

Well, it gets better. If you click on one of the ads for the movie (found everywhere on MySpace), you are automatically directed to the movie’s official site. Once there, you can view pictures, find out tons of information about the movie, and play a game with the killer himself. That’s right! The game asks you to become an agent to help catch the killer and shut down his Web site. But be careful. Every once in a while the killer will instant message you menacing sentiments order to break you down.

With over 20 million members, MySpace can offer Hollywood advertisers a built-in audience and the promise of self-generating viral promotion on a grand scale. And what better film to promote than “Untraceable?” Not only is it fitting that it involves technology, but the film will surely make cyber geeks and MySpacers think twice about what they do online. If you thought computer viruses and hackers were bad, think again—the next time you log on to a Web site, you could become an accomplice to murder.