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Nov 26, 2007

Posted by: aja_blogger

By Aja Fern

Once upon a time, before MySpace became the living, breathing creation that it is, celebrity gossip was limited to shady sources like The National Enquirer, Star magazine, and Us Weekly. Although the gossip was juicy and entertaining, how was one to know whether or not the things written really happened?

Enter MySpace. As the site grew over the years, not only did it become one of the nation’s largest networking sites, but it also became one of the nation’s largest celebrity promotional sites as well. Before we knew it, major motion pictures were canning official Web sites and making their own MySpace pages instead. Music groups ranging from local garage bands to famous rock stars were promoting their music to thousands of fans. Celebrities themselves were making a home for themselves on MySpace, allowing people to personally contact them in ways they would never have been able to five years ago. What better source than the actual source?!

Not only can people get gossip hot off the press at MySpace, but now they can get the celebrity gossip straight from the sources themselves. A number on celebrities are regularly active on their MySpace pages, whether it be writing to fans or going as far as writing personal blogs about their lives. Two of the most popular MySpace bloggers are Adrienne Curry (America’s Next Top Model and My Fair Brady) and Shanna Moakler (Meet the Barkers). Both realty TV babes write blogs about their personal lives for their fans to read. In fact, both blogs have also conjured up some controversial topics! Curry has been known to speak her mind (and from her dirty mouth) regarding touchy subjects, as well as writing openly about her marriage to actor Christopher Knight. Moakler has also raised a few eyebrows with her blog. In the summer of 2006, Moakler used it as a tool to feud with her then ex-husband Travis Barker. Both celebrities had posted their ruthless opinions of each other for the world to read. A few months later, Moakler was involved in another MySpace incident when actress Lindsay Lohan’s supposed MySpace was hacked. Messages between the two were posted online for public viewing and featured a heated argument regarding Lohan’s partying ways. The messages were quite explicit, so let’s just say that nobody is immune to a little high school drama! It just goes to show that even celebrities tune into gossip, and MySpace is an excellent source of getting it AND spreading it.

When MySpace decided to add a video function to the site, internet communication via MySpace reached a whole new level. Now MySpace users were able to upload all sorts of videos, whether it be music videos, movie trailers, news clips, or personal video blogs (also known as “vlogs”). Average people now had the opportunity to become celebrities themselves. Take newly famed Chris Crocker for example. You may know him as the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy. Although Crocker had several videos before his infamous Britney video, he became an overnight success appearing on television and shows like The Maury Povich Show. Since then Crocker has spawned gossip all over MySpace and the web. He has over 200,000 MySpace friends and over 3 million plays on his MySpace video page. A few years ago the term “celebrity” was reserved for people who worked in show business and lived in Hollywood, but now thanks to the internet and MySpace, everyone has a chance to be known by hundreds of thousands of people.

The National Enquirer and Star magazine may be great sources of entertainment, but if you want real celebrity gossip, MySpace is your answer. And why wouldn’t it be? Everybody has one.